Pay-per-Click PPC Tips

Typically the PPC ad is based on keywords to reach a designated target market. When the consumer enters a keyword or phrase into the search engine that matches the client's keyword list, the ad is displayed. The ads appear adjacent to or above the natural search engine results. The largest PPC providers currently are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center. The minimum cost per click (CPC) varies based upon competition for the keywords and the search engine's standards.


Keywords - Understanding the keyword drivers for the demographics targeted is critical to a PPC campaign working. The bidding price for ads, the relevant search demographics and the conversion rate all hang on the accuracy of the keywords chosen.


Landing page of the website offers a reality check to the consumer. If it does not line up with the ad text, the consumer may click off the site immediately. You will have to make your landing page as content full as possible to hold the customer.


Measure and Analyze - PPC marketing and campaigning is a constant process. Make sure to read reports and track your campaign to analyze the changes needed and apply.




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